Who We Are?

About Us


                               JICE the name Synonymous with Premier Civil Service Exam training in Bangalore, is an ISO 9001:2015 organization committed to best-in-class education related to Civil Service Exam since 2005. JICE is the only institute in Karnataka that envisages professionalism and innovation in its pedagogic skills.

                                              Consolidating impeccable facilitators, students and management who share similar school of thought under a single roof has been one of the major challenges accepted and performed by JICE successfully. JICE is a champion of Civil Service Exam training in South India with the Record Success of around 700 Plus students qualifying the Exam in last 14 years to man top Echelons of Administration in different states of India.

                                                The unparalled credentials of JICE is primarily attributed its Exam Savvy and humanitarian -based educational interventions making meaningful difference to the preparations of Aspirants. In spite of IT saga in Bangalore, JICE boasts of producing at least half of total successful candidates from Karnataka every year. Consistent performance appraisals have ensured a Best – in class organizational status to JICE.

Our Vision

Moulding aspiring statement with knowledge,values and skills to secure the administrative future of India.

Our Mission

To incessantly research on, formulate and offer the necessary skill - building strategies to the aspiring administrators of the country, thereby enabling them to clinch coveted berths in the administrative domain and use it as a platform to transform society for better.


JICE goes to great lengths to foster a spirit of cooperation and communication among all the faculties, students and other staff members. JICE’s foundation principles and ethics permeable right through our policies and strategies.

Starting with our core management team right down to each member of our ground staff, the focus is on quality and serving student well. The success of JICE has always been due to the tireless efforts of its team that comprise committed and experienced faculty, subject experts and visionaries.

Our Unique Approach

At JICE, we make sure that there is simplified coaching and emphasis with explanations and examples with due focus on exams.

• Regular revision sessions and solving previous years test papers.

• Current Affairs topics are discussed on a regular basis both in regular& weekend course.

• New exam trends are discussed regularly.

• The program structure is carefully developed by experts from the field.

• Our faculty fraternity is a perfect mix of subject experts from all over India & experienced civil service candidates

• Special focus on time management, how to prepare for prelims, how to select subjects, how to read, prepare notes and write answers, gaining mental power for UPSC etc,

• Result Oriented Approach

• Exam Oriented Discussions (EOD)

• Toppers Talk to you” series (TTU)

• Mains Discussion Forum (MDF)

• Interview Discussion Forum (IDF)

• Limited batch size for individual attention

• Personalized coaching & intensive learning

• Mentoring by leaders in coaching

• Excursion trip (Outbound learning activity)

• Special focus on writing skill development

• Simulated module wise regular tests and Test


• Meticulously designed study material